“I'm Chanelle, Pumkin Pie's mommy, serial entrepreneur, R.N., profit strategist and business mentor. I partner with smart successful lady bosses showing them how to take a single source of income and turn it into recurring revenue streams. My areas of expertise include content marketing, six figure sales training, brilliant branding, and packaging for profit."

— Chanelle Washington

Just getting started in your business and need to know exactly what you should be doing to succeed?

Imagine having access to a proven system for setting and achieving any goal in your personal and business life

A $27 Solution to your Marketing Problems

A $27 Solution to a Great Branding Strategy

Tired of always feeling behind? What if you could finally master a Proven, Time Management System That Will Help You Stop procrastinating and Finally get your priorities done?


"Chanelle is a FORCE to be reckoned with! She has a heart of gold, and a deep desire to see her clients WIN! With years of success in business, it’s no secret why she get’s results for her clients EVERY TIME! From her strategy, to relentless hustle, she works with her clients to become marketing mavens with consistent cash flow, and daily PayPal bling. If you’re looking to get your money flow up, you’re definitely in the right place!" Brand &&Marketing Strategist — Tanya Rivera- Falcone 

"I had the honor of working with Chanelle Washington as a 1 on 1 V.I.P. client. Chanelle is phenomenal and a true master of her craft. During our session Chanelle provided me with the training and tools needed to close any sale. On the same evening I completed my V.I.P. session with Chanelle, I put her training to work with a potential client call. I was able to engage my potential client through all of the steps I learned earlier in the day and at the end of my inquiry call I was able to close the deal. If you are looking for a method that produces immediate results if used as taught, Radiant Living Biz is your company and Chanelle Washington is your expert! " Dina Shepard  

Chanelle is an ambitious go-getter who is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs win in business. Her commitment to excellence is evident in everything she pours into the world."  

-Apryl Steadman Beverly  

Million Dollar Word Stylist @baabwriting - Digital Solutions

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